I am originally from San Diego, California and have been working and living in London for over eight years. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Juris Doctorate in Law. I am currently obtaining my MA Photography at the University of Brighton.

My love affair with photography started with a holiday in Vietnam with a small compact camera. I wanted to improve my holiday photos. I bought a camera and enrolled in a few basic photography courses. I have always had a curiosity about everything. If I could have one super hero power, it would be the “nosey” power. The camera is the closest thing to the “nosey” power side as it allows me to explore and satiate my curiosity.

I am inspired by the ordinary. Sontag said it best in On Photography, “Nobody ever discovered ugliness through photographs. But many have discovered beauty”. Bernd and Hill Becher, Candida Hofer, and Thomas Struth are the masters who discovered beauty in the ordinary and have influenced me the most.


  • Central Saint Martins, Final Project Show February 2014.
  • Doomed Gallery November 2014.